8 Features of our Laminated Glass

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8 Features of our Laminated Glass

 8 Features of Neo Laminated Glass

Some people often ask us why your Laminated Glass is outstanding in the line and popular in the market. The reason is Neo Laminated Glass has its own advantages as below:

I.   Longer Lifetime, Less de-Lamination Rate

II.  High Quality of Raw Glass and PVB & Ionoplast Interlayer (SGP)

III. Impacting Resistant, Accustic from outside Noise, Not easy to be shattered 

IV. Flat items with Good Flatness control within 0.2%, even within 0.1% for small cut to size items

V.Size Tolerance controlled:

            Within 1mm for Cut To Size and Raw Glass size( same color glass); 

            Within 1mm for Cut To Size items 2000mm with Grinded Edges;

            Within 1.5mm for Cut To Size Items 3000mm with Grinded Edges;

VI. Strict Control on Visible Defects and Chips

VII.Solutions of Breakage Problem in Transportation:

            Unique Professional & Stonge package

                   --Plywood End Cap ,Plywood crate, Plywood A Frame, Metal Package etc;

            Container Loaded technology

VIII.Thickness:  4.35-32.28mm;

     Size: Cut to Size, Custom-made, Max 18000mm

We have very strict Quality Control System according to AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE and ISO. Regular test is done very often to make sure the quality of our Laminated Glass has no problem. One-Stop Solution is available.

Laminated Glass Quality Control Test

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