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Tempered Laminated Fencing Glass For Door & Window, Balcony, Swimming Pool, Stair, Garden -AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

Tempered Laminated Glass has widely usage because of its make-up-Tempered & Laminated. It is used widely in residential or commercial building for Anti-Stealing and Security as Door & Window, Front Glass,Fencing, Glass Roof, Counter, Partition Wall, Green House Glass etc. It is made of two sheets or more of Tempered Glass with SGP or PVB interlayer. The Glass can be with or without Ceramic Frit/Silkscreen Print or Frosted Design for Decoration purpose or private purpose.

 Tempered SGP Laminated Low E Glass-- Hurricane Resistant Glass

Tempered SGP Laminated Low E Glass (Hard Coated) is one of the Solar Efficiency Safety Glass. It is used widely in residential or commercial building for Hurricane-Resistant and Energy Efficiency as Front Glass, Glass Roof, Green House Glass etc. It is made of one sheet of Tempered Low E Glass (Hard Coated Low E Glass) and the other sheet is Tempered Clear Float Glass with SGP interlayer. Usually the combined glass is Tempered/Toughened with or without Ceramic Frit.That make-up let it have the property of anti-storm, stealing-resistant and glass anti-splash. That is ones of the reasons it is so popular on upscale district.

Due to the color of Float Glass or Glass Interlayer , Laminated Glass is available with various of colors besides of Clear Laminated Glass, such as White Translucent, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Green etc.
Laminated Glass is processed mainly in three period. First of all, Pre-Laminating two sheets or more sheets of glass with PVB or SGP; Then Cooking Pre-Laminated Glass on Autoclave with Pressure about 13 PA and High Temperature around 135℃ ; the last step is Packing.If it is Tempered Laminated Glass, certainly the glass should be toughened firstly before pre-laminating. The Tempered Glass conbining to Laminated Glass can be processed with Polished Edges,Holes, Cut-Outs or in Irregular Shape.

SGP Laminated Glass can be used as Curtain Wall, Door & Window, Roof, Balcony,Balustrade,wherever you would like to use.

With certificates of AS/NZS 2208: 1996 and CE, the glass is popular in Australia and New Zealand Market, Europe, USA, Canada and South of America

   Glass Roof Overhead Glazing SGP Tempered Laminated Glass

Size: Max. 2760 x3660 mm
Thickness: Min 6.89mm
Certificates: AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002
Raw Glass:   Float Glass, Annealed Glass, Patterned Glass, Low E Glass, Low Iron Glass
Glass Process:
           Float Glass with Edgework, Tempered Glass with or W/O Hole or Cutouts or  
           Ceramic Frit, Heat Strengthened Glass,Silver Mirror, Back Painted Glass
Glass Color: Clear, Low Iron, Grey,F-Green, Blue Etc
Glass Interleave: Qualified China PVB, Solutia PVB, Dopunt PVB, Dopunt SGP
                                 or other brand appointed by customers
Interleave Color: Clear, White Translucent, Grey, Bronze, F-Green, Blue etc.
Interleave thickness:  PVB-0.38mm, 0.76mm,1.14mm, 1.52mm
                                       SGP-0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm
Package: Plywood End Cap, Plywood Crate, Metal End Cap, Naked Package for A Fame,
                  Carton Package, Pallet Etc.

: 0086-13573226959
: No.41,Lianhuashan District,
    Rd Changjiang,Huangdao,
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