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Polished Clear Laminated Glass-AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

Laminated Glass sometimes is used without any frame. That requires the edge finish must be as smooth and shiny as enough. We can process the edges shining and control the size tolerance strictly.
1.Basice Glass
Glass Sheet can be annealed, tempered with or without hole/cutouts, heat strengthened and ceramic frit/Silk Screen Print. They can also be float glass, patterned glass,low e, silvermirror and painted glass.
2. Application
Polished Laminated Glass is used widely as Balcony Glass, Balustrade Glass, Fencing Glass, Staring Railing Glass etc.

Polished Laminated Glass-AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

Annealed Laminated Glass is made of two sheets of glass or more with PVB. That make-up let it have the property of stealing-resistant and glass anti-splash. Our Laminated glass can be energy efficiency, acoustic, or even hurricane-resistant with Dupont SGP.  The two sheets of glass can be annealed, tempered, heat strengthened and ceramic frit. They can also be float glass, patterned glass,low e, silvermirror and painted glass.

As safety glass, Laminated Glass is used lots in residential & commercial buildings. Their edges are grinded to be Balustrade Glass and Balcony Glass without Frame or with frame. Grinded Finish can be polished or arriss process, that is up to its installation way.

Due to the color of Float Glass or Glass Interlayer , Laminated Glass is available with various of colors besides of Clear Laminated Glass, such as Milky White/White Translucent, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Green etc.
Laminated Glass is processed mainly in three period. First of all, Pre-Laminating two sheets or more sheets of glass with PVB or SGP; Then Cooking Pre-Laminated Glass on Autoclave with Pressure about 13 PA and High Temperature around 135℃ ; the last step is Packing.If it is Tempered Laminated Glass, certainly the glass should be toughened firstly before pre-laminating. The Tempered Glass conbining to Laminated Glass can be processed with Polished Edges,Holes, Cut-Outs or in Irregular Shape.
Besides of Balustrade & Balcony, Laminated glass can be also used as Curtain Wall, Door & Window, Roof, Partition,Step,Table, Cabinet, Wardrobe,wherever you would like to use.

We can cut glass to shape and process the edges. Sometimes laminated glass is used without frame,then the edges polished finish should must be as shiny as enough.Besides size tolerance is controlled strictly by our people.

Laminated Safety Glass, Laminated Balcony Railing Glass,Laminated Partition Glass With Printing Design, Laminated Balustrade Glass, Laminated Swimming Pool Fencing Glass, Laminated Stair Railing Glass, Laminated Spandrel Glass, Laminated Glass Wall, Laminated Window Glass, Laminated Door Glass      Clear Tempered Laminated Glass   Rough Arris Laminated Glass

Thickness: 4.38-32.28mm

Size:  Max 18m
Certificates: AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002
Glass:   Float Glass, Annealed Glass,Low Iron Glass, Low E Glass
Glass Color: Clear, Low Iron, Grey,F-Green, Bronze,Blue Etc

PVB Color:  Clear, Milky White, Grey,Bronze, Green, Blue etc

SGP Color:  Clear, Milky White

Glass Process: Float Glass, Glass with Holes/ Cutout ,  
             Irregular Shape
Package: Plywood End Cap, Plywood Crate, Plywood Frame, Metal End Cap, Carton Package, Pallet Etc.

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