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  • 8 Tips for Laminated Glass Cut by Water Jet
    It looks like cutting glass is a pretty simple thing. I have to tell you that job requires techniques and skills. There are 3 ways to cut Laminated Glass, while using a water jet to cut Laminated Glass presents a unique challenge. Here we would like to share with you some tips when Cutting Laminated Glass by water jet.   Read More>
  • Why do the roofs of Sun Room Use Laminated Glass?
    Many people wonder "why do the roofs of Sun Room use Laminated Glass? ", "What is the advantage of the laminated glass?" The passage is going to tell you the secret.   Read More>
  • SGP Laminated Glass
    SGP Laminated Glass
    SentryGlas®Plus interlayer (SGP) for Laminated Glass was developed initially by American Dupond. SGP Laminated Glass extends and breaks through the performance of the PVB Laminated Glass.   Read More>
  • Tempered Laminated Glass
    Tempered Laminated Glass, also known as Toughened Laminated Glass, is one kind of Laminated Glass. It is made of two or more layers of ordinary float glass after tempering treatment. The middle layer is mostly PVB film, sometimes it is SGP. Tempered Laminated Glass is a kind of safety glass that bo   Read More>
  • How to know if the glass is Tempered one?
    Tempered glass, one of the safety glass, is obtained by cutting ordinary annealed glass to the required size, and then heating it to about 700 degrees close to the softening point, and then performing rapid and uniform cooling (usually 5-6MM glass is heated at 700 degrees for about 240 seconds, The   Read More>
  • Benefits of Tempered Glass
    Tempered glass (Reinforced glass) belongs to safety glass. There are many different benefits for customers to take consideration for their residential and commercial buildings. This article is going to introduce you 6 benefits of Toughened Glass (actually introduced 9 benefits here).   Read More>
  • Comments from Customers about how Good our Laminated Glass is
    How Good our Products are, how Professional our service is and how responsible & reliable we are, let our customers tell you that!   Read More>
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