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I. Hitting Test by Steel Ball on Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is Security Glass. The quality of the interlayer is very important,or it is very easy for glass sheets to take off from PVB/SGP one day before or after it is installed.Then the Impacting test is to test its performance. Neo Laminated Glass is produced by qualified glass with high quality of Glass interlayer--PVB and SGP. Annealed Laminated Glass has about 10 years of quality guarantee. It can be Tempered, Heat Strengthened,Polished,Hole Drilled,Cutouts,Processed at regular shape or irregular shape.

II. Frozen Percussion Test on Laminated Glass

This test is to check the adhesive property of PVB on Laminated Glass: Put laminated glass piece 150 x 300 mm in cold part of Freezer for 3 hours.Then hit glass by hammer and see if single glass falls off from PVB. It is qualified if 60% of the PVB and glass are pasted together. Basic Glass on Laminated Glass is various : Clear Float Glass, Tint Glass(Grey, Bronze,Green,Blue...),Tempered Glass (Silk Screen Print/Ceramic Frit),Heat Strengthened Glass, Low E Glass, Cathedral Glass, Spotswood etc. Processes of Polishing, Hole drilling, Cutting to Shape, Cutouts or others are available. Acoustic PVB or Hurricane-Resistant Glass Interlayer (SGP), Clear PVB, Tint PVB (White Translucent, Grey,Bronze, Green,Blue...) are provided to be laminated with basic glass.

III. Stress Test by Steel Ball on Toughened Glass

The Intensity of Tempered Glass is about 5 times as the common Float Glass. How to know if Tempered Glass is Qualified is a problem. Then Impacting Test by Steel Ball at different height falling onto Tempered Glass can find that out. Qingdao Neo Glass has strict Quality Control System to inspect its products and make sure all his products delivered to customers are Qualified. Neo Tempered Glass has a quality warranty period of 8-10 years from the date of production.Our Tempered Glass can be Heat Soaked to less the rate of Spontaneous Breakage. Process of Polished,Hole Drilled,Cutouts are available to be done at regular shape or irregular shape.

IV. Stress Test By Human Jumping on Tempered Glass

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