Tempered Showcase Glass

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Tempered Showcase Glass

The strength of Tempered Glass is about 5 times of Annealed Glass. It is not easy to be shattered and has long durability. Tempered Glass is popular to be used as Showcases with Bright Edgework.

Neo Tempered Glass is one kind of heat treated glass. It is heated by very high temperature firstly and then cool suddenly with quick cold wind. That manufacturing process makes Tempered Glass heat resistant. That property also changes the way it breaks. When Tempered Glass is shatter, its small even pieces do not have sharp edges to cut. Tempered Glass Showcase has the same characteristics of Tempered Glass, such as impacting resistant. It is hard to be damaged with hammer. Then In shopping mall, Tempered Showcase glass is chosen in priority for exhibition.

Besides of Showcase Glass, our also can custom made Tempered Shower Glass, Tempered Door Glass, Tempered Window Glass, Tempered Balcony Glass, Tempered Balustrade Glass etc. Those Glass can be Frameless, Hole or Cutout. We only provide High Quality with affordable price.

Qualified Tempered Glass is preferable, please do not hesitate to contact with Qingdao Neo Glass. Competitive Price, High Quality, Timely Delivery and Professional Service before & after Sales are our advantages.

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