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Tempered Moru Patterned Glass Door Panel-AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

Patterened Moru Toughened Glass is popular used as Door Glass Panel.Toughened Glass Intensity is about 5 times as the common Float Glass. Glass Sheet would become thousands of small glass pieces without sharp tips once it is broken.
1. Edgework: Either Safety edge suitable for Tempering Process or Polished Edge
2. Hole & Cutout: Available
3. Installation: in Frame or Frameless
4. Type: Clear Moru, Ultra Clear Moru

Toughened Moru Patterened Glass Door Panel

--AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

Tempered Glass Door Panel is one usage of tempered Moru Patterned glass.  Its basic glass can be Clear, and Ultra Clear one. It can be frameless with all egdges polished or be framed with Aluminum. The Intensity of Tempered Patterned Glass is about 5 times as the common Float Glass. Glass Sheet would become thousands of small glass pieces without sharp tips once it is broken. That can less the possibility  to hurt people. So tempered glass is also one of the Safety Glass.
It spends about 45 mins for the furnace to warm up and re-start to temper glass.We have strict quality control on the glass flatness and the glass curve /bent is within limits. 
Besides,our glass can also do heat soaked test if required to less the possibility of its self-bombing. 
One sheet of Tempered Patterned Glass can be laminated with one sheet of Float Glass to be Laminated Glass or be combined to be IGU. If the glass is used to produce Laminated Glass, its flatness must be within control to avoid bubbles between two or more sheets of glass laminated. 
Tempered Moru Patterned Glass can be processed with Hole, Cutouts, Polished Edges or in Irregular Shape. Besides, it can also be Heat Soaked to less the possibility of Self-Bomb. And it is popular used as Door & Window Glass, Pool Fence Glass,Balustrade Glass, Balcony Glass,Bathroom Glass, Shower Door Panel, Floor Glass, Sliding Door glass,Furniture Glass,Table Glass etc.
Tempered Moru Patterned Glass Door Panel is very popular in developed countries due to its elegant and safety property.

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Size: Max. 2440 x1830 mm for 3mm-10mm or Custom-made Size if Volume is big
Thickness: 3mm-10mm
Certificates: AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002
Glass:   Clear Moru Patterned Glass, Low Iron Moru Patterned Glass
Glass Color: Clear, Low Iron
Glass Process: Hole, Cutout, Heat Soaked, Grind Edges,Irregular Shape
Package: Plywood End Cap, Plywood Crate, Metal End Cap,Carton Package, Pallet Etc.
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