Laminated Safety Glass VS Tempered Glass

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Laminated Safety Glass VS Tempered Glass

The composition and make of laminated glass is different as compared to tempered glass making it suitable for different applications. We will be looking at both the minor and major differences that make these two types of glass suitable for different purposes.

Glass and its various types are under constant evolution. When it comes to architecture it has found very innovative applications in various respects. Despite our best efforts our homes are still susceptible to burglary and the two most common ways are via your doors and windows. Laminated glass is similar to the type used in windshields where as tempered glass is used as a component of bulletproof glass. So here are a few points to consider when it comes to home/office installations for your doors and windows.

The use for laminated glass ranges from entrance doors and glass floors to aquariums and display cases. Two layers of glass are sandwiched with a laminate in order to create this sturdy variety. The laminate is the reason why the pieces are held together when it is broken. The chances of injuries are minimized because the glass tends to be in the frame. Doors and windows made from this type are considered very safe as they do not shatter easily. Breaking into a home secured in this manner is not easy as it involves a lot of effort and a lot of noise. This laminated variety also provides a good degree of sound proofing in high traffic and noisy areas but this of course depends upon the quality of the laminate material.

Tempered glass is almost 5 to 10 times stronger when compared to its untempered counterpart. One very noticeable quality of this type is that it breaks down into small granular pieces rather than sharp shards. This can be attributed to the way it is constructed. While being manufactured the outer surface is put into compression whereas the inner surface is put into tension. Apart from being heat treated this variety is also treated with hydrofluoric acid to etch away surface scratches and increase strength. The tempering process does not affect the stiffness much. As compared to the annealed glass, tempered glass can take a higher load and deflects further before breaking. However once the glass is toughened it cannot be reworked. Polishing and drilling holes into the glass needs to be done pre-toughening.

So when it comes to choosing which type would serve your purpose well there are a few things you need to consider. Ground level doors and windows made from laminated glass are a safe bet. This is also the most susceptible area when it comes to breaking and entering. This utilization in public buildings and office complexes has steadily increased over recent years. Places prone to severe weather should use the tempered variety on the exterior. The best utilization of space is an important criterion when it comes to interior design. The two best advantages of using laminated glass is the increased protection and sound proofing it offers. This would be perfect for a corporate room setting but the construction model should include an emergency exit as breaking out of such a room would be as difficult as breaking in. When it comes to windshields laminated glass is an obvious choice because in case of an accident the chances of the driver and passengers being cut are reduced.


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