Why do the roofs of Sun Room Use Laminated Glass?

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Why do the roofs of Sun Room Use Laminated Glass?

Many people wonder "why do the roofs of Sun Room use Laminated Glass? ", "What is the advantage of the laminated glass?" 

The busier the city, the more people want to be close to nature.

5 However, the airtight rooms, the high-rise buildings, 

 So that modern people have no access to the sunlight.

 And natural, casual sun room become one of the ways for modern people to get close to nature and embrace the sunlight.

 Build a sun room, and enjoy the beautiful nature without leaving your home. 

 What's the most attractive thing about a sunroom? It must be the glass! Most part of the main body of the sun room is made of glass--  Clear and Gorgeous, Hard and Inclusive.

Generally speaking, the top of the sun room mostly uses Laminated Tempered Glass with double interlayers; while the facade glass of the sun room mostly uses Insulating Glass Unit.

The IGU Doors and Windows on the facade are mainly considered from the comfort experience (heat insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer), so that the overall performance of the sun room is much better.

Do you know why most of the sun roofs use Laminated Glass?

  • Advantageous Features

Laminated glass consists of two or more pieces of glass, which are firmly compounded with a transparent PVB film.

Laminated glass can be made into safety glass with extremely high impact resistance, which may shatter under the impact of heavy objects, but the whole piece of glass can still maintain its integrity--A state of security rupture.

In some developed countries, such as Europe and the United States, most architectural glass uses Laminated Glass. That can not only avoid many safety accidents, but also has excellent seismic intrusion resistance.

In addition to the safety mentioned above, it also has excellent sound insulation, energy saving, fading resistance and other characteristics, which also form the natural advantages of Laminated Glass.

  • Sound-proofing

Both the Acoustic PVB film and the ordinary PVB Film of the Laminated Glass has the function of damping sound waves. The PVB Laminated Glass can effectively suppress the transmission of noise, both for high-frequency noise and medium & low-frequency noise, especially the acounstic PVB Laminated Glass.

High-end hotels, nursing homes, airports, stations, downtowns and buildings on both sides of the road have obvious sound insulation effects after installing Laminated Glass.

  • Energy saving:

The architectural Laminated Glass made of Low E Glass can effectively reduce the penetration of sunlight. Besides it can also decrease the loss of the energy inside of the sunroom, such as the cool or heat from the air conditioner,  and block the heat or cool from the outside of the sun room.

  • Fade Resistant:

The anti-fading feature of Low E Laminated Glass comes from its strong anti-ultraviolet ability. The glass or PVB can absorb most UV rays, protecting indoor furniture, textiles, plastic products, artworks, ancient artifacts or cabinet goods from UV radiation, thereby avoiding fading and aging.

The sun room creates a comfortable environment for rest and a good entertainment space for the family. You can play, chat, rest, or watch TV in it. 


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Whether the glass on the roof of the sun room is for the consideration of heat dissipation and energy saving, or the emphasis on safety protection, the Laminated Glass can undoubtedly a good choice for safety protection.

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