Tempered Laminated Glass

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Tempered Laminated Glass

Tempered Laminated Glass, known as Toughened Laminated Glass, is one kind of Laminated Glass. It is made of two or more layers of ordinary float glass after tempering treatment. The middle layer is mostly PVB , sometimes it is SGP. Laminated Glass is a kind of safety glass that bonds two or more layers of glass together through heating and high pressure.


Tempered laminated glass not only has the characteristics of greater resistance of tempered glass, but also has the characteristics of ordinary laminated glass. Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be sticked together onto the PVB layer or SGP Layer. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of debris falling events and ensure personal safety.

Laminated Glass--Hitting Test Result Tempered Laminated Glass is made of tempered glass as the substrate and then sticked together. It has the characteristics of both high strength of tempered glass and the excellent safety performance of laminated glass without falling fragments. Tempered Laminated Glass is suitable for installation in places with special safety requirements, such as high-rise building protective windows, glass curtain walls, glass skylights, and underwater glass places that have been subjected to a certain water pressure for a long time.

The water pressure on the underwater glass is a long-term load, so the fatigue effect of the glass has to be considered. Fatigue effects can cause a significant reduction in glass strength. Studies have shown that the stress state of underwater glass is related to the installation position of the glass, the support method of the glass, the shape and area of the glass. The force on the bottom glass is equal everywhere, that is, "equally distributed load", while the force state of the side glass is proportional to the depth, that is, "triangular load".

The support methods of glass are divided into three-sided support (fixed) and four-sided support (fixed). The shape of glass can be divided into two types: rectangular and circular. Due to the differences in these parameters, different calculation methods and correction factors must be used. Even if the water depth is the same, their force states under water are different, so we must design and check before ordering glass. According to the calculation, the maximum bending stress and maximum deflection of the glass plate can be obtained. Considering the safety factor, the flexural strength of the tempered glass must be lower than 500kg/cm, and the maximum deflection of the glass surface should not be greater than 1/200 of the span.

Sizes Available

Maximum size: 13000mm  

Minimum size: 250×150mm


  •  Aquarium observation window

  •  Test water tank

  •  Swimming pool underwater

  •  Observation camera window

  •  Underwater showroom viewing window

  •  Underwater world

  •  Ship observation window

  • Shower room glass

  • Daylighting roof glass

  • Canopy glass, 

  • Glass curtain wall, etc.


Note: SGP Tempered Laminated Glass

1. Tempered Laminated Glass can be packed on plywood box, pallets or A frame. Each piece of glass is packed with plastic or paper, and the space between the glass and the packing box is filled with light and soft materials to protect the glass from defects such as glass scratches. 

2. Tempered Laminated Glass can be transported by various types of vehicles. During transportation, the wooden box shall not be placed flat or inclined and there should be rain-proof measures. When handling glass, avoid contact with hard objects, collision, and temporarily unused tempered laminated glass should be stored vertically in a dry and ventilated room.

3. Tempered Laminated Glass is a kind of glass product with internal stress. It can not be cut, drilled or edged after tempered process, otherwise it will cause explosion and stress concentration on the edge of tempered laminated glass. Do not hit the edge of the glass with sharp and hard objects, otherwise the glass will easily burst.

4. Before installing tempered laminated glass, avoid high temperature exposure, high humidity, rain and other climatic environments. The glass on the construction site should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. In case of sudden changes in weather and heavy rain, the construction personnel should check the site in time to prevent the glass packaging box from being soaked in water. This results in water seepage and discoloration at the edge of the tempered laminated glass.

5. When installing underwater glass, it is necessary to ensure that the waterproof and leakage performance of the entire system is good. The first part that comes into contact with water must be made of waterproof material. Secondly, the gap between the glass and the metal frame must be completely filled with sealing materials such as polysulfide glue or silicone rubber with good sealing performance. The installation design and construction operation must comply with the standard requirements of phase light. 

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