Tempered Glass-Safety Glass

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Tempered Glass-Safety Glass

Some people may say Tempered Glass is very simple glass product and the quality has not much difference at different price.Is that true? Actually there are defective problems on Tempered Glass generally as below: White Line,Mark,Scratch,Bent,Few Particles quantity,Hidden Crack,Breakage during tempering,Self-Explosion,Ink Variation,Coat Hurt etc.Those are caused due to raw glass quality or process. You get what you pay for. Cheap price usually go with quality problem,but that does not mean qualified products is not sold at competitive price.

Qingdao Neo Glass Co.,Ltd is specialized in Tempered Glass, including shower glass,Pool Glass, Door & Window Glass,Cabinet Glass,Furniture Glass,Shop Front Glass,Project Glass Etc.In order to less quality problem,we use qualified raw glass,carry on strict Q.C regulations in House,Check and Maintain Machine Well every day,every week and every month,Standardize processing etc. especially to decrease glass self-explosion after installation.Our glass can be processed with Polished Edges, Holes,Cutouts and so on. If the customer prefer Heat Soaked Process after Tempering to low the possibility of self-explosion,that is also available. We hope we provide our customers with qualified glass at competitive price.

Further information about Qingdao Neo Tempered Glass,please refer to our website:www.qdneoglass.com, or have a watch on our Youtube channel of Tempered Glass to know more about our glass and its quality: https://www.youtube.com/c/Qdneoglass-Building-Glass

If you would like to contact with us directly, please send us by email: qdneoglass@gmail.com,sales@qdneoglass or talk on whatsapp: 0086-135 73226959.We are always ready here to help you.

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