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Laminated Mirror Glass-AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

Laminated Mirror Glass is one kind of safety glass. It is made by Mirror Glass with PVB. It has the properties of both the Laminated Glass and Mirror. Then it can be used widely in Mirror Wall,Sliding Door, Wardrobe, Dancing Room, Washing Room in Prison etc. When the Laminated Mirror Glass is broken, it is very hard to take the broken glass pieces off from the PVB and not easy to hurt people.


                                   (Double Sides Mirror Glass and Single Side Mirror Glass Available)

Brief Introduction

Laminated Mirror Glass (Laminated Double Sides Mirror Glass or Laminated Single Side Mirror Glass) is one kind of Safety Mirror, like Vinly Back Mirror, but it also has the property of Laminated Glass, much safer than Vinyl Mirror. As Safety Mirror, it is used widely in Mirror Wall, Wardrobe, Furniture, Dancing Room, Washing Room in Prison etc.

Custom-made Available at different color, cut to size and shapes

Due to the color of Float Glass , the product is available with various of colors, such as Clear, Grey, Bronze, etc.

We have a Laminated Glass Cutting Machine to cut our big Laminated Glass to be small size. That machine is more efficiency in the cutting than it does by hand-man. Then delivery time is faster.

Laminated Mirror Glass, Laminated Double Sides Mirror Glass, Laminated Single Mirror Glass       Laminated Mirror Glass    Mirror Laminated Glass for Bathroom, Making-Up Room, Furniture Sliding Door and Wardrobe,Double Sides Mirror Glass, Laminated Single Mirror Glass, Laminated Shower Mirror Glass



With the properties of both Laminated Glass and Mirror, Laminated Mirror Glass is used widely in Mirror Wall, Wardrobe, Furniture, Dancing Room, Washing Room etc. 

Quality Control & Certificate

There are many quality points on Laminated Mirror Glass, such as Mirror Reflection/Imagination,de-lamination, glass bow, bubble, impurity, chip, scratch,dislocation etc. De-lamination is a serious problem on Laminated Mirror Glass. We use High Quality Float Glass, Fenzi Paint and materials to produce Mirror. Then Laminate Mirror and Top Level PVB to be Laminated Mirror Glass. Our team follow Strict Quality System in the hope that the customers enjoy our products. 

With certificates of AS/NZS 2208: 1996 and CE, the glass is popular in Australia and New Zealand Market, Europe, USA, Canada and South of America


I.   Longer Lifetime, Good Imagination and Less de-Lamination Rate

II.  High Quality of Raw Glass, Mirror and PVB & Ionoplast Interlayer (SGP)

III. Flat items with Good Flatness control within 0.2%, even within 0.1% for small cut to size items

IV.Size Tolerance controlled:

            Within 1mm for Cut To Size and Raw Glass size( same color glass); 

            Within 1mm for Cut To Size items 2000mm with Grinded Edges;

            Within 1.5mm for Cut To Size Items 3000mm with Grinded Edges;

V. Strict Control on Visible Defects and Chips

VI.Solutions of Breakage Problem in Transportation:

          1.  Unique Professional & Stonge package--Plywood End Cap ,Plywood crate, Plywood A Frame, Metal Package etc;

           2. Container Loaded technology

VII.Thickness:  6.38-10.76mm Generally, more thicker is available

     Size: Cut to Size, Custom-made, Max 3660mm

On-Time Delivery

Delivery time for big size is in 10-18 days and for custom-made items in 18-28 days. If clients have special requirement on that, we would try our best to make some adjustment to satisfy with them.

Size: Max. 3660 mm, Custom-made Sizes are available
Thickness:  Min 6.38mm
Certificates:  AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002
Raw Glass:   Mirror, Painted Glass, Float Glass, Annealed Glass, Ultra Clear Glass
Glass Process: Edgework, Hole or Cutouts 
Glass Color: Clear, Low Iron, Grey, Bronze Etc
Glass Interleave: Qualified China PVB, Solutia PVB, Dopunt PVB, Dopunt SGP
                           or other brand appointed by customers
Interleave Color: Clear, White Translucent, Grey, Bronze, F-Green, Blue etc.
PVB thickness:  0.38mm,0.4mm, 0.76mm,1.14mm, 1.52mm
Package: Plywood End Cap, Plywood Crate, Metal End Cap, Naked Package for A Fame,
              Carton Package, Pallet Etc.

Strong Package of Laminated Silver Mirror Glass

Container Fasten of Laminated Silver Mirror

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