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Mirror With Wall Bracket,Hinge for Bathroom, Mirror Wall and Cloakroom

Mirror can be processed in irregular shape with Flat Polished Edges, Pencil/Round/C edges or Beveled Edges. It can be assembled with Wall Brackets, Hinges etc.Mirror can be laminated with another single mirror or float glass to be Laminated Mirror Glass. It can also be vinyl back with CAT I or CAT II. Once Mirror is Broken, the small Glass Pieces can be stick to the Vinyl avoiding hurt people.

Mirror With Wall Bracket,Hinge for Bathroom, Mirror Wall and Cloakroom

Mirror is indispensable in our life, especially for lady‘s life. Besides of the use in cosmetics, Mirror can also be used in Mirror Wall, Shower Room, Wardrobe etc. 
Neo Mirror can become safety glass after vinyl back with CAT I or CAT II. Besides single silver mirror sheet, we can also do laminated silver mirror with two sheets of Neo silver mirror or one sheet of Neo silver mirror. 
Mirror is made by Chemical Reaction, then the quality of the raw glass must be Mirroring Grade, otherwise the Reflection would be distorted or some other defective happens, such as spot, paint or silvering coat peel off.
Either Copper Silver Mirror or Copper Free Silver Mirror is available. Besides, we can also provide Tint Mirror for decoration and Aluminum Mirror for motorbike and cosmetic box. Mirror can be assembled on Wall, furniture, Sliding door, Washing Room, Dancing Room etc.
AS/NZS 2208:1996 certificate is available for Silver Mirror with Grade A vinyl Back to Australia and New Zealand Market. And CE certificate for Europe, America etc.

             Mirror Line       4. MIRROR VINLY BACK
Thickness: 2-10mm
Certificates: AS/NZS 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002
Glass:   Float Glass, Annealed Glass, Patterned Glass, Low Iron Glass 
Glass Color: Clear, Low Iron, Grey,F-Green, Bronze,Blue Etc
Glass Process: Float Glass, Glass with Polished Edges/Holes/ Cutout , Irregular Shape
Package: Plywood End Cap, Plywood Crate, Metal End Cap, Carton Package, Pallet Etc.

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